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Blackheads : Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies




The development of blackheads is largely due to unusual sebum secretion combined with abnormal growth of skin cells, leading to blocked pores. Excess sebum secretion is often triggered by male sex hormone androgen, whose production increases substantially in both boys and girls during adolescence. However, hormonal changes are not the sole cause of blackheads. Adults having oil or combination skin are prone to pores getting clogged by sebum, which implies that blackheads can be a genetic issue. Improper skin care or cleansing steps may also result in blockage of pores, resulting in blackheads. In addition, intake of specific drugs like lithium or androgens may impose side effects that trigger the development of blackhead.


Recently, medical studies have suggested that there may be connections between personal habits such as smoking and poor metabolism of skin cells. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine also increases the size of pores and oil glands on the skin, giving rise to blackheads. Symptoms of blackheads Known as a type of acne vulgaris and open comedones, blackheads are enlarged pores that look similar to tiny and dark spots on the skin. When the skin over the bump opens, the plug of sebum oxidizes owing to exposure to the air, turning it black. Blackheads are commonly seen around the nose, chin and cheeks. It is also possible that blackheads appear on the back, chest, arms, neck and shoulders. Very often, they do not cause pain nor look inflamed like pimples. Other common symptoms of blackheads include rough skin, scars, peeling skin, stickiness, undesirable appearance such as pore enlargement etc. Home remedies Exfoliation products or scrubbing gels containing salicylic acid that can be bought over-the-counter are regarded as one of the safest and most effective ways of tackling blackheads. People can include exfoliation in their daily skin care routine to reduce blackheads and choose oil-free makeup, lotions and sunscreens to prevent blackheads. Their working principles revolve around drying excess sebum, encouraging dead skin shedding as well as killing bacteria. However, using harsh exfoliants may irritate sensitive skin which makes your blackheads worse.
Home Remedies

Therefore, knowing your skin type is the first step before you choose a strong or mild cleanser. Another product called blackhead removal strip, available for sale in drugstores, can remove blackheads through its adhesiveness. By splashing water over your face and applying the strip to your blackhead areas, you can see immediate results after waiting for the strips to dry and ripping it off quickly to pull out your blackheads. Skin peels can also be applied to skin to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent them from blocking pores. Egg white mask is one of the examples as it can tighten pores and remove current blackheads. If you are allergic to eggs, you may try sugar scrub, which is another way of treating blackheads. Furthermore, exercising regularly does help minimize blackheads. When you work out, sweat that flows over will unclog your pores by flushing dead skin cells out of them.