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Why work boots are so important?

Our feet bear all our weight. As we age and our weight increases, feet and load created more significant that require strict adherence to the good health of the foot, especially if that person is forced to stand during work hours or to walk from place to place. Thus, the importance of choosing quality shoes, comfort and safety to suit the worker, protect the foot and keep the foot healthy balanced diet.

Rules for selecting high-quality footwear for work

As mentioned above, work shoes are designed to keep the worker’s health and safety, and hence which pass all necessary tests and compliance with the standards necessary to ensure the durability of shoes, the quality and the safety of employees. Before deciding to purchase footwear, there follow some important rules that will protect your health:

• a strong grip and balanced foot – on the backs of the shoes to be of suitable size (not too wide nor too narrow) to provide a firm grip, balance, stability and prevent pain.

• Shoes that fit the shape of the foot – Check that the shoes do not change the shape of the foot, not narrow or too broad and allow freedom of movement for the toes to prevent fatigue and soreness in the foot.

• height heels – no completely flat shoes, but be sure the heel does not exceed 5 cm.

• arch support – it is important to choose shoes that support the arch of the foot and balancing stability back.

• shock absorbers – if necessary, be sure to use the pads absorb shock.

Compatibility nature of the work – Choose a shoe that fits your work environment. It is important that the non-slip shoes, and those that protect the foot from objects and possible hazards.

If you need to make sure to choose shoes Safety them as standard.

• personal comfort – be sure to try the shoes before application and determine the extent of their personal convenience.

• Appearance – When choosing footwear is important to choose comfortable shoes but preferably those which will transmit the appropriate appearance branding business.

Every year we are exposed to thousands of fatal injuries associated with machinery and equipment, mechanical engineering, many of these accidents are related to the equipment operator itself, some employees do happen on the ground next to the equipment, work supervisors, co-workers and sometimes even approaching passers overly mechanical equipment itself.

In most cases accidents related to mechanical engineering equipment like cranes, heavy equipment, forklifts and C’o end in the intensive care unit or death on the job site, there is no mistaking that the heavy equipment and machinery, a comprehensive study of accidents at work, heavy industry and quarries show that almost all accidents are preventable .mktzoaiot and experience in operating the equipment itself and aware of the dangers in the vicinity of the operator are running tractors and bulldozers features that make a good operator and should avoid accidents, but in most cases it turns out accident occurred by operators are experienced and knowledgeable.

Matching work boots according to the nature of work is also particularly important for safety and health of employees, and business reputation. Today, the market offers a wide range of footwear styles and varying quality levels which are reflected in the price. Lock and good quality work is one that stands the test of time and reality, allows working conditions comfortable and safe, serves the employee and allows him to work in higher productivity.