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Why the health care system in Canada is in big trouble

All citizens of Canada are covered by government health insurance, provided and funded by local governments (provinces). Theoretically law guarantees free medicine, free choice of doctor, and everything regardless of the citizen’s income. Since 1968 increased concentration of the Canadian health care system, and in 1984 the Regulations that ensure “equal Medicine comprehensive and accessible to every citizen.”

Most doctors are running out of private clinics, but are paid from the government and not the patient. Most public hospitals or registered non-profit organization. Wage set by the government doctors, the “medicine basket” and the composition and treatments citizen is entitled. Private physicians tariffs are set by the government, so there would be precious in return get a government doctor. In this way, in fact, has become impossible for private medicine in Canada. The law prohibits a Canadian citizen to acquire privately treatments included in the basket of health “. The law prohibits private insurance companies cover treatments included in the basket. “Private clinics and insurance plans are tight government control and detailed. As a result, private insurance companies are a negligible factor in Canadian medicine. The goal is to prevent the formation of ‘parallel medicine “.

Citizen is entitled to choose a doctor, but limited competition among doctors since they receive wages equal to one source – the government. Patients treated an assembly line. Doctors reported about 65 patients a day. About 7 minutes to the patient. There is a chronic shortage of specialists, hospitals, beds and modern equipment.

Market forces, as usual, is stronger than any government and attempt to suppress them at a steep price:
The line health care in Canada for months to years, and when the patient is on hold or in recovery, he may find himself in bed in the hospital corridor. Ontario Region, for example, prenatal women are sent to Detroit in the United States, because of the severe shortage of obstetricians. There is a severe shortage of doctors in almost every field. The number of doctors who go from Canada increased from year to year. In 1991 it was reported that a quarter of a million Canadians were waiting in line for surgery (out of a population of 26 million). Modern medical equipment is rare and is found mainly in major hospitals. In the 90 were in all of Canada as MRI scanners than the state of Washington in the United States which was only 4.6 million citizens … and fewer devices per thousand residents than in the Czech Republic or Hungary, (2002).
In a 2001 survey by the Fraser Institute did not show improvement over the past decade: the average waiting time for surgery was 16 weeks and about 5 months of waiting MRI scan.
Time of need hundreds of thousands of Canadians prefer to cross the border to the United States to buy medical services such as computerized scans (MRI), radiation therapy, or coronary artery bypass surgery instead of waiting in line to free service in Canada.

Canada officially has only one medical system – government, but many doctors find creative ways to meet the patients out of the system …
No patients Americans who travel north to Canada for medical treatment, but hundreds of thousands of Canadians head south for the US every year. They know why – USA used Leumi Mortgage Bank shocks “the Canadian Medical.