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Did you ever hear about the thing called “tonsil stones”?

The tonsils are two tissue balls pink buds, large grape sized one, which are on both sides of the throat. As part of the lymphatic system and immune system, the role in part to capture and eliminate harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses and mainly produce antibodies against pests. Thus it happens in tonsils themselves become inflamed.

The main reasons for tonsillitis will be different viruses as Adnwirosim, Antrwirosim, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes simplex virus, virus Faraainfloanzh or influenza virus causes flu. Besides them, about twenty percent of the cases of tonsillitis occur because of bacteria and mostly it is known as Streptococcus. Although different people can suffer different symptoms, is usually diagnosed tonsillitis when the tonsils become swollen, inflamed and red and white dots on them yellow and even gray at times. Will usually be part of tonsillitis throat infection that often accompanies herself into a “disease” when the patient feels bad in general. Throat of the patient becomes painful and is having trouble swallowing his food and even his saliva, body temperature may rise to over 38 degrees Celsius and may have headaches and feel chills, lymph nodes in the neck may swell, runny nose may appear and add breathing difficulties from which it may suffer. It also may become hoarse voice. In addition, the patient loses appetite and may suffer from abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

Any time tonsillitis is due because viruses are the main reason for the phenomenon, there is no cure yet and just wait and wait patiently for the immune system will perform its function and eliminate the cause of the disease. When it comes to the disease are caused by bacteria and antibiotic course has indeed been used, sometimes even too much use of drugs in this family. Although it is difficult to distinguish whether this is a bug or a virus by most of the symptoms, is still relatively easy to detect contamination of bacteria, especially the kind of streptococcal if only for the fact that the speed of expansion is much higher than the spread of infection viral when within hours of becoming a healthy person sick with no signs of “cold”, while the viral infection develops relatively slowly and lasts days accompanied by signs of “cold”.

In any case, tonsillitis “Classic”, is the one caused by bacteria. In this case, an improvement within two Lahrdlkt Almond taking an antibiotic and antibiotic Overall hasten the recovery of the patient in one day. However, it is important to be careful in taking antibiotics. Should not take antibiotics if there is no certainty as to identify the perpetrator should be taken only as needed, because the throat flora balance disorder may itself lead to recurrent infections of the tonsils. Taking antibiotics much and too much causes infections by various studies almond or many repeated ear infections than children who did not take antibiotics at all.

Perhaps this is also the place to mention never happens that all toddlers kindergarten class, or any class of school children, and patients infected all viral or bacterial disease despite most infectious contaminants question. Usually become infected and sick only about ten to twenty percent of children and the relationship of nutrition and a strong immune system clear.

However, when inflammation becomes particularly stubborn tonsils or repeated, the doctor may recommend surgery exclusion. But analysis of tonsillectomy is becoming rare. In part because of evidence that removal of the tonsils causes damage to the human immune system function and increases the risk of developing cancer of the lymphatic system, such as disease Hudg`kin. Therefore, removal of tonsils surgery was the most common in the thirties to the fifties of the twentieth century, has become less common these days, though still made over a million surgical tonsillectomy in the Western world each year.

Which is yet, there are still those who are continuing to adhere to the removal of organs, as if a person has spare parts. The main claim is not repeated tonsillitis again without tonsils, which of course is true, although this is not true for strep throat at all, which may recur again. In fact in studies, it became clear that a child who suffered seven cases of tonsillitis before the surgery to remove them, suffer an average of four cases of strep throat after surgery. On the other hand, there is no evidence that surgery reduces the removal of tonsils and reduces the number of throat infections in adolescents and adults. In any case you should know current studies indicate negligible tonsils removal surgeries, was indeed necessary and essential. What else after two or three years, most children no longer suffer from severe throat. Even those who do not cut down their tonsils.

Apart from facilitating the movement of air and lungs Symphony, is not known how valuable the health of tonsillectomy. There is also no clear guidance when to perform surgery tonsillectomy. Usually there will be personal opinions and experience of the physician will decide on the need for surgery. There are various criteria that guide the majority of analysts ENT removal of almonds. Some will recommend surgery removal of almonds just because of tonsillitis severe that makes breathing difficult, but there will be doctors relate specifically to the amount of cases and recommend surgery removing tonsils after the occurrence of five cases of infection almonds a year, others recommend the surgery because two or three cases a year for two years at least, and the strangest criterion almond removal surgery, is tonsillitis unresponsive to antibiotics, namely viral infection.

Ironically, however, it turns out that it was common postoperative infections in the throat as well as cases of bleeding that require long antibiotic treatment and hospitalization more. In fact every 1,000 surgeries, there will be 15 to 20 cases become more complicated to risk life and truth, despite the conspiracy of silence, taking place in the Western world each year some deaths and despite claims that tens and perhaps even more of the dozens of deaths after surgery to remove the almonds. Although the surgery which is quite safe, there is still a risk of 0.01% of death during surgery that is done under general anesthesia with a breathing tube, when the approach of almonds made orally without any external incision. There are also a number of complications after surgery and should be given to the mind. There is some risk of injury due to the introduction vocal cords breathing tube, there is some risk of bleeding and blood to the lungs to be careful inhalation. In addition, there is a possibility of damage to the teeth, or tongue or palate with a medical device that is inserted into the mouth.

It is important to remember that almonds are an essential part of the lymphatic system and immune system. For tonsils are lymphoid tissue, lymph nodes also called lymph nodes are used as a first defense of the immune system on the throat and upper respiratory tract infections from different microorganisms. From this it is clear that removal of the tonsils should be a procedure last way to take and then only when it comes to risk a real life due to breathing difficulties caused because of almonds swollen and only after made any other actions such as providing vitamins and minerals essential to the immune system such as vitamin A and vitamin C iron, zinc, etc. . It is better to give in the form of food and drink, especially foodstuffs that contain large amounts of these elements that reduce congestion and make it easier almonds breathing.