Can you avoid illness beforehand?

Who has not been sick in the past and may in the present. Assured believe that the future will be sick. Are you sure? Conventional medicine knows to give today a lot of drugs for durability. And all the time we hear about new drugs invented. But are we supposed to really get to these situations. Are we not able to avoid disease. Especially chronic diseases that have had to take medication regularly. Is it possible to avoid this process and make life-enhancing treatments to prevent the disease therapies or treatments for worsening the situation.

Many diseases are caused due to various reasons lack of load pressure control our eating the foods we eat and our daily functioning.

Diseases such as:


Blood Pressure


Increased appetite or anorexia

Lack of energy

Skin Problems

Sleep problems


And other heart problems.

Treatments using an Biorgonomi, Reiki, Sue G’ok- may prevent outbreaks of these diseases and prevent deterioration of the diseases listed above. And to prevent the influence of circumstances that cause the disease.

  Bioenergy, Biorgonomi or Bioaorgonomi (different names for the same method) is a way to diagnose and cure.

Diagnosis and treatment is carried out without contact when the person actually stayed fully clothed does not have to undress and be exposed.

The technique is simple and requires no effort or action from the person undertaking which could greatly help to avoid and deal with different situations

Bbiorgonomi blink technique is very simple technique which treats diseases and pain and provide preventive care which could prevent the next disease. And replacement of its healing potential.

Reiki is a holistic treatment method performed a delicate touch on the patient. Practitioner places his hands on the patient and thus becomes an energy conduit leading to the patient’s energy blank spaces. Most patient lies on a bed fully clothed during treatment. This allows your body to get stronger and prevent the deterioration of the disease.

Su Jok Korean is a therapy which treatment is done through the body’s reflection points on hands and feet. Excellent method to remove pain and let flow in the body and thus prevent the degradation and deterioration all without direct contact rather than acute. The method works by clicks, massage, seeds, magnets and more, thus giving solutions to the problems of the body’s functionality.

Pre-treatment and prophylaxis of the body’s physical problems can help maintain good health and quality of life

Prophylaxis can saver pain, suffering, time and money.