Does Alexandria’S genesis really exists?

Purple eyes; Yes or No Well many are still skeptical about its existence. Known to have originated in Egypt, the first discovery of this form of mutation dates back to 1300s in London, in a girl named Alexandria Augustine. Her parents having thought she was possessed, took her to a priest to get her exorcised but was assured about its being ‘normal’. This gave birth to the name ‘Alexandria’s Genesis’. This type of mutation is said to carry a lot of physical traits and signs. Women are primarily the carriers.

These are perfect forms of human beings with very little biological disturbances. Some distinctive features are listed below.


The new born child is known to have blue or gray eyes at the time of birth. As the baby grows, the color of the eyes deepens in the violet shade. When the child hits puberty the color is deep violet or royal violet and continues the same after its adolescence.


With a 20-20 vision, lasting till the day of their death, these people have a more than perfect eye-sight.

Physical Features:

  • The child has extremely fair skin and no hair except on head, eyebrows, eyelashes and inside the nose. Body hair, i.e. hair on hands and legs and pubic as well as anal region are congenitally absent.
  • The rate of metabolism is extremely high. They produce little or no waste as the food intake is completely utilized. People with this mutation have a well proportioned body are essentially fit and manage to stay the same throughout.
  • The mutation is mostly prominent in Caucasian women.
  • Women with this mutation do not menstruate at all but are yet fertile. Alexandria herself is said to have given birth to four girls; all of which had this mutation.
  • The skin color is essentially fair and is not affected even in case of interracial children. It does not get burnt or tanned.

The question remains whether or not this is possible and real. Scientists believe that such a tremendous variance in biological traits cannot be caused due to just a single gene. The genetic mutation needs to be much stronger than that.

The slow ageing is also known to be a parameter in the list of traits but it is highly controversial. Some even believe that the lifespan of the person suffering from this type of genetic mutation is actually quite shorter while some say they practically live more than 100 years. The ageing apparently stops at 50 which is extremely hard to digest. Many say that Elizabeth Taylor suffered from this mutation, but the reports do not confirm the same.

The word started to buzz because of the very famous ‘Daria’ and still continues to baffle millions of people. The reason and exact origin unknown, it is almost impossible to harvest this mutation or study it any further. Whether it is a myth or a factual proof of an unparalleled mutation shall still remain a mystery though since there are no signs of such mutation as of today.

The photoshopped purple eyes are not what they actually look like. The effect is overhyped for sure. However, even if this condition did exist, no one in the society seems to be of acceptance of such extremely fit people who never put on weight, have extra-ordinary vision and live long.

So all in all—got to say Alexandria’s Genesis is a myth.