Can you avoid illness beforehand?

Who has not been sick in the past and may in the present. Assured believe that the future will be sick. Are you sure? Conventional medicine knows to give today a lot of drugs for durability. And all the time we hear about new drugs invented. But are we supposed to really get to these situations. Are we not able to avoid disease. Especially chronic diseases that have had to take medication regularly. Is it possible to avoid this process and make life-enhancing treatments to prevent the disease therapies or treatments for worsening the situation.

Many diseases are caused due to various reasons lack of load pressure control our eating the foods we eat and our daily functioning.

Diseases such as:


Blood Pressure


Increased appetite or anorexia

Lack of energy

Skin Problems

Sleep problems


And other heart problems.

Treatments using an Biorgonomi, Reiki, Sue G’ok- may prevent outbreaks of these diseases and prevent deterioration of the diseases listed above. And to prevent the influence of circumstances that cause the disease.

  Bioenergy, Biorgonomi or Bioaorgonomi (different names for the same method) is a way to diagnose and cure.

Diagnosis and treatment is carried out without contact when the person actually stayed fully clothed does not have to undress and be exposed.

The technique is simple and requires no effort or action from the person undertaking which could greatly help to avoid and deal with different situations

Bbiorgonomi blink technique is very simple technique which treats diseases and pain and provide preventive care which could prevent the next disease. And replacement of its healing potential.

Reiki is a holistic treatment method performed a delicate touch on the patient. Practitioner places his hands on the patient and thus becomes an energy conduit leading to the patient’s energy blank spaces. Most patient lies on a bed fully clothed during treatment. This allows your body to get stronger and prevent the deterioration of the disease.

Su Jok Korean is a therapy which treatment is done through the body’s reflection points on hands and feet. Excellent method to remove pain and let flow in the body and thus prevent the degradation and deterioration all without direct contact rather than acute. The method works by clicks, massage, seeds, magnets and more, thus giving solutions to the problems of the body’s functionality.

Pre-treatment and prophylaxis of the body’s physical problems can help maintain good health and quality of life

Prophylaxis can saver pain, suffering, time and money.

Hemorrhoids – what can we do about them?


Today, there are many different methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids, as well as accompanying pain management. By treatment of hemorrhoids we actually treat the buildup of blood vessels that appear in the anal ours.

There are a number of populations, more exposed to hemorrhoids, so if you’re one of them, there is no need to get excited or frightened – but simply go to the clinic and you rely on to make treatment of hemorrhoids. Populations are women pregnant and postpartum, people who suffer from constipation, people with high blood pressure – and even athletes who strenuous physical activity over time. In most cases, treatment of hemorrhoids is done after age 50, but there is nothing to panic if treatment is needed even at an earlier age. Of course, in any case in which you discover that you have hemorrhoids, you should consult with a doctor what to do and how to handle them.

How to to handle the treatment of hemorrhoids?

In many cases, getting rid of hemorrhoids is not so complicated, and can be solved even without any medical intervention. In this case it is recommended to go first to experience a proctologist expert opinion, and then tell us what the best method. There are many methods of treatment of hemorrhoids is as easy as using a special sitting bath, using a shower head stretched, using a bidet, which is a special sink for washing the pelvic area and genitals, and taking painkillers devoted to the buttocks and hemorrhoids. It should be emphasized that the treatment of hemorrhoids also requires a change in lifestyle, but this is a positive change anyway – drinking plenty of water and avoid alcoholic drinks, as well as maintaining hygiene anal area, including multi-washing. It should be necessary to prevent pressure on the region, also by practicing proper seating and short as possible.

If necessary, of course, also the possibility of treatment of hemorrhoids Other medications, it is currently considered the most advanced and sometimes without pain and without the need for anesthesia or hospitalization. It comes to methods such as ECT, or degeneration of the blood vessels that have accumulated through the bundle them up into. These treatments are considered very good methods as they do not involve the analysis, and very effective.

Holes, very, early phenomenon Bassat painful and annoying, awkward and it comes again.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum, stretched or left out of the anus, causing pain, sometimes bleeding, itching and discomfort.

Unfortunately Hemorrhoids are a very common phenomenon pregnant and postpartum because intra-abdominal pressure rises during this time as blood volume and the pelvic floor muscles are weakened.

There are women who are pregnant and perhaps even to him and women will experience this great stress on the wake region after childbirth suffer from hemorrhoids.

Local relief There are all sorts of creams and ointments that help contraction of blood vessels, healing the breach if there is such easing the pain.

I want to offer more ways for relief and healing of hemorrhoids:

To heal the place and return the hemorrhoid inside we want to reduce the pressure from the anus and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles,

Try to rest whenever possible position with no pressure on the region, we prefer lying down, perhaps on the side or even on the abdomen over the area. No way to sit on the wheel sea! This meeting only increases the pressure on the rectum and even if there is a temporary feeling of relief in the long run we create damage.

We want to shorten the time of our meeting on the toilet to a minimum and ensure effortless ease ports, for this to happen it is important that a diet rich in fiber, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and natural oils and especially drink plenty of water. One can also consult a nutritionist to create a custom menu for you and your situation.

Before that go to empty a few minutes to sit down with hands on abdomen and breathe, just breathe, breathing movement drives the digestive system and activates the ring muscles are openings in our bodies and the Gastrointestinal Tract. Breathing improves circulation and calms the nervous system. All of these are useful to exit easy.

While sitting on the toilet to continue to breathe and push or strain, if you feel difficulty prompted the facial muscles, made funny faces (in any case no one sees …), opened a big mouth and blew Ahh, long sound with his mouth open as an invitation to relax the pelvic floor. If you do not exit in a few seconds Como, walked around a bit, drink a glass of water and return later. Prolonged sitting and attempt to push the stool out are a recipe for worsening of hemorrhoids.

At the end of the meeting on the toilet flush is better (you can install it or just squirt some water sports bottle with a nozzle) over the use of toilet paper that was painful and leave pieces or use wipes pollute the environment and are unfriendly substances our bodies.

Why work boots are so important?

Our feet bear all our weight. As we age and our weight increases, feet and load created more significant that require strict adherence to the good health of the foot, especially if that person is forced to stand during work hours or to walk from place to place. Thus, the importance of choosing quality shoes, comfort and safety to suit the worker, protect the foot and keep the foot healthy balanced diet.

Rules for selecting high-quality footwear for work

As mentioned above, work shoes are designed to keep the worker’s health and safety, and hence which pass all necessary tests and compliance with the standards necessary to ensure the durability of shoes, the quality and the safety of employees. Before deciding to purchase footwear, there follow some important rules that will protect your health:

• a strong grip and balanced foot – on the backs of the shoes to be of suitable size (not too wide nor too narrow) to provide a firm grip, balance, stability and prevent pain.

• Shoes that fit the shape of the foot – Check that the shoes do not change the shape of the foot, not narrow or too broad and allow freedom of movement for the toes to prevent fatigue and soreness in the foot.

• height heels – no completely flat shoes, but be sure the heel does not exceed 5 cm.

• arch support – it is important to choose shoes that support the arch of the foot and balancing stability back.

• shock absorbers – if necessary, be sure to use the pads absorb shock.

Compatibility nature of the work – Choose a shoe that fits your work environment. It is important that the non-slip shoes, and those that protect the foot from objects and possible hazards.

If you need to make sure to choose shoes Safety them as standard.

• personal comfort – be sure to try the shoes before application and determine the extent of their personal convenience.

• Appearance – When choosing footwear is important to choose comfortable shoes but preferably those which will transmit the appropriate appearance branding business.

Every year we are exposed to thousands of fatal injuries associated with machinery and equipment, mechanical engineering, many of these accidents are related to the equipment operator itself, some employees do happen on the ground next to the equipment, work supervisors, co-workers and sometimes even approaching passers overly mechanical equipment itself.

In most cases accidents related to mechanical engineering equipment like cranes, heavy equipment, forklifts and C’o end in the intensive care unit or death on the job site, there is no mistaking that the heavy equipment and machinery, a comprehensive study of accidents at work, heavy industry and quarries show that almost all accidents are preventable .mktzoaiot and experience in operating the equipment itself and aware of the dangers in the vicinity of the operator are running tractors and bulldozers features that make a good operator and should avoid accidents, but in most cases it turns out accident occurred by operators are experienced and knowledgeable.

Matching work boots according to the nature of work is also particularly important for safety and health of employees, and business reputation. Today, the market offers a wide range of footwear styles and varying quality levels which are reflected in the price. Lock and good quality work is one that stands the test of time and reality, allows working conditions comfortable and safe, serves the employee and allows him to work in higher productivity.

Blackheads : Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies




The development of blackheads is largely due to unusual sebum secretion combined with abnormal growth of skin cells, leading to blocked pores. Excess sebum secretion is often triggered by male sex hormone androgen, whose production increases substantially in both boys and girls during adolescence. However, hormonal changes are not the sole cause of blackheads. Adults having oil or combination skin are prone to pores getting clogged by sebum, which implies that blackheads can be a genetic issue. Improper skin care or cleansing steps may also result in blockage of pores, resulting in blackheads. In addition, intake of specific drugs like lithium or androgens may impose side effects that trigger the development of blackhead.


Recently, medical studies have suggested that there may be connections between personal habits such as smoking and poor metabolism of skin cells. Excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine also increases the size of pores and oil glands on the skin, giving rise to blackheads. Symptoms of blackheads Known as a type of acne vulgaris and open comedones, blackheads are enlarged pores that look similar to tiny and dark spots on the skin. When the skin over the bump opens, the plug of sebum oxidizes owing to exposure to the air, turning it black. Blackheads are commonly seen around the nose, chin and cheeks. It is also possible that blackheads appear on the back, chest, arms, neck and shoulders. Very often, they do not cause pain nor look inflamed like pimples. Other common symptoms of blackheads include rough skin, scars, peeling skin, stickiness, undesirable appearance such as pore enlargement etc. Home remedies Exfoliation products or scrubbing gels containing salicylic acid that can be bought over-the-counter are regarded as one of the safest and most effective ways of tackling blackheads. People can include exfoliation in their daily skin care routine to reduce blackheads and choose oil-free makeup, lotions and sunscreens to prevent blackheads. Their working principles revolve around drying excess sebum, encouraging dead skin shedding as well as killing bacteria. However, using harsh exfoliants may irritate sensitive skin which makes your blackheads worse.
Home Remedies

Therefore, knowing your skin type is the first step before you choose a strong or mild cleanser. Another product called blackhead removal strip, available for sale in drugstores, can remove blackheads through its adhesiveness. By splashing water over your face and applying the strip to your blackhead areas, you can see immediate results after waiting for the strips to dry and ripping it off quickly to pull out your blackheads. Skin peels can also be applied to skin to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent them from blocking pores. Egg white mask is one of the examples as it can tighten pores and remove current blackheads. If you are allergic to eggs, you may try sugar scrub, which is another way of treating blackheads. Furthermore, exercising regularly does help minimize blackheads. When you work out, sweat that flows over will unclog your pores by flushing dead skin cells out of them.