The five golden rules for success with men


To be successful with men easily and efficiently you keep the 5 distinct and essential conditions:

The first condition: Appearance

A woman should attract men to men want her and want her. For men, a woman is first and foremost an object of passion, admiration and physical attraction and formal. Although black women cannot suffer from lice, many white and asian women do.  And it is extermely important
to be aware of the problem and to handle it!

Therefore, without a proper and appropriate appearance, your chances of succeeding with men are very low, and the men who still want you to be the least likely men are equal.

Attractive girl – attracts the eyes of all men are equal. Neglected girl – does not exist for men.

Appearance is something very simple change. There should be a beauty to attract men and literally do not need to spend that much. All you need is to keep the three golden rules:

Care means regularly investing a fashionable and feminine and compatible hair color, facial skin clean and healthy and manicured nails. Make-up is the only option, and for most men is not necessary, only a lightweight version of the most delicate.

This sexy really sure there will always be an element of provocation, feminine and attractive appearance, meaning or plunging neckline or bare legs. For this purpose, you can go short skirts, dresses and shirts flapping cleavage.

Being careful not to leave the house means sloppy, sweaty or neglected, but always careful and always perfumed and equipped and is equipped with a special accessory beautiful as a special watch, earrings delicate, long chain or pink sunglasses.

The idea is to keep a feminine appearance – even clothing, accessories, too, even perfumes and colors. Masculine tactical shoes, pants profanity, closed-shirts, unkempt hair, the smell of sweat – all these disappear forever. It is important to place elements feminine, gentle, soft and cute.

In short,

Cultivation appearance of the woman is the basic weapon and its most important to be successful with men. For men, a woman and the hunter is the reward of men begins always, but always, a woman’s appearance and character of her personality.

And remember, your performance in men is the critical thing. The first thing he sees a woman’s appearance. Your appearance determines your success in 90% of men – then will spend it wisely and you’ll see a curtailment of it compliments and many successes.

The second condition: Communication

The second thing men see women in this communication, the way you speak and act. The concept is simple. Start being nice, gentle and pleasant that it attracts men and it creates a good feeling for them. The basic mistake of many women is that they behave and speak rudely, aggressiveness, nervousness, tension, gestures and sharp, crisp way that creates immediate revulsion, fear and discomfort in men.

Men expect women to be different from them – that feminine and delicate. Female communication means not to enter conflicts, not to quarrel and argue almost anything, smile a lot, it is important not to give up, be patient, be in a more humorous and lighthearted and take the man to the soft and the rigidity and brutality of it.

In short,

Nice and cozy when the cute and attractive too and sends a lot of femininity and weakness – it makes a lot of men and creates a desire to wrap, protect and do everything for you.
And remember, communication is pleasant and communications female relaxing and stressful. Communication creates a pleasant and stress, criticism or anger. Communication makes a man to let go a bit and smile.

The third condition: internal perception 

The idea here is to look at the inside and personality of the men you meet instead of the outside. External examination is looking masculine, and it is not appropriate and does not serve the interests and needs of women.

Therefore, women who look only at the outside of the men – make a bad mistake. Most of them are not the way they do marry or poor romantic choices. The reason is simple, it does not you have to settle for a bad-looking guy. hell no. The whole idea is to connect man first and only afterwards inside to the outside.

A woman falls in love with a man’s face, hardly ever sees his external, and almost nothing was bothered by his performance. In contrast, a woman who immediately disqualifies men simply because of their appearance is masculine and superficial woman is unable to connect emotionally to men only physical and external. She fell with many men, and eventually she’s lonely, that she is not looking for love but records and has a problem with her femininity and her inner from which it is detached.

In women, the need for love and affection is much more than men. Therefore, the face is one of the secrets of success of women with men. You look for a man who makes you feel good, to feel with him, who cares about you and he’s really good at heart. You look for a man who appreciates you and can give you. Even if initially it will not be exactly to your taste – to be disqualified him so quickly. If you connect to internal and emotionally, very quickly you’ll find the taste of your exterior men varies slightly, the whole thing outside is less important to you and fills you love.

In short,

Forget the studs and start looking in the nicest and best men. Studs take advantage of you and throw you. Nice and good to be with you always, love you in different situations and build for you a life, a home, a family and children.
The fourth condition: Trust

An overwhelming majority of women, few women are suspicious. They stretched, impulsive, very closed and do not trust people, especially men.

To be successful with men you begin to develop a new approach, a more positive and believe in men. Otherwise, all your life, and you’ll stay a servant.

Access maid woman’s approach is too independent, distrustful, closed and isolated. She does everything herself because she does not trust anyone, not even herself.

It hunts men, begins with them, wooing them aggressively, trying to change them, expect them to everything and disappointed in seconds, decreases the men, critically and appreciate any man, sure it over everyone and only she knows everything, judging men and looking them in the corners, castrates them and weakening them until there was nothing from them, chooses men weak and unfortunate to “save” them from themselves, and always – always – remains frustrated, not satisfied, worrisome and stressful.

Remember, if you want to succeed with men you start to believe them. Believe means to trust that he really know, give him many opportunities to prove himself, not judge it and criticize it mercilessly, assess and give him positive feedback, thank him once again for the good things he does for you and only to be a good friend of his and taken into account.

In short,

If you start to believe in men – men will feel the coziness shines from you and that you are a fun and sympathetic, and they start with you more and more want to stay in your presence. It is important that you understand that men feel exactly like women. A man who valued by a woman turned away, closed her face, hiding from himself and gives her scraps of what he can really give her.

If you do not like the man, leave him. But do not ruin or castrate him, that you are wasting your valuable time. The way to a man’s heart is through criticism not, disregard or violation. It is through trust, warm, soft, patience, love, support and gratitude.
The fifth step: Be a Queen

Queens is the ultimate approach to women’s success with men. If you follow this approach – guaranteed to have a good life and a great double.

The problem comes in many women do not recognize the Queen’s approach only serves approach. They prefer to act like men, work hard all their lives, to be too active, to do everything and not leave any role for men, and weak men to weaken them further, try to be a knight on a white horse and save lost men.

This poor attitude and it fails again. Remember, a poor man or poor or unstable or spoiled to save himself from himself. You could not help him in this.

If you want to be queen, you should look for in the first place men and children. Men who know how to take care of themselves, they are arranged in life, they are stable and are good professionals.

Queen is a woman who knows what she is worth. Queen is a woman who does not compromise on immature man, weak, poor or lost.

In short,

Be a real queen. You look for a man set for life. Where one has to give. One serious. One that will give you a feel from the beginning queen and mother serve or have to build it from scratch, to close his debts, take on all of his problems and pay the replacement.